Deck front coverThe Traveler Deck is a passport, of sorts. It names and highlights many of the passages you may go through on a life voyage. As an oracle, it is a tool that can show you potential portals through various borders of consciousness. It can help unlock doors of denial, identify aspects of personality that may need support or re-direction, or provide encouragement and a sense of direction. The Traveler Deck can be used to enhance your personal capacity and grace under the pressures of life.

No matter what culture you’re from, everyone experiences fear, joy, challenge, developmental stages, choices, dreams, denials, disappointments, inspirations, confusion, clarity, love, hope and triumph. The value of art and imagery is that it can communicate about that deep human commonality. So it is in this context that the Traveler Deck has something to offer. The imagery is archetypal, offering many interpretations and explorations that can be personally relevant and meaningful.

The texts that accompany this deck have been developed slowly, over time. You will, likely find them useful. But, as with many oracle and divination decks and tarot decks, the specific meanings for your individual reading will be a unique process of interpretation that you or the one giving you the reading will develop as you take a deep look together. How you assimilate and digest the messages and apply them in your life remains to be discovered, but discovery is a large part of what it means to be a traveler.

What are the crucial messages you may need to grow your soul connection, to develop psychologically, to enhance your relationships? What are the impactful views and insights that can aid you in affecting or preparing for change? What images heal the misaligned, misunderstood, lost or broken? How can human growth and new possibility be fostered? What views can aid you in personal course corrections?

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Evolution of consciousness is always expansive. It doesn’t get smaller, it grows larger, enabling the seeker to incorporate within his/her consciousness, more experience, more equanimity, not less. The Traveler Deck celebrates this phenomenon. The intent is to foster greater wholeness, invite enhanced creativity, and support healing by focusing attention where it would be of greatest benefit.

As with a beautiful song that sounds different each time you hear it, as you change, the messages inherent in the art will too. This is an image-led oracle, and you will find they will keep rendering new discoveries as you notice different aspects each time. Its purpose is to whet the appetite for personal growth, to develop the muscle of curiosity for subtle layers of attention, rather than completely satisfy that appetite. So, consider, fellow traveler, that you have been issued a very special passport to enhance and support you on your life journey.

The Suits

There are seven suits in this oracle deck. These suits represent various things that life is offering or asking of you; various ways in which the energy flow of life presents itself; profound and pivotal gifts or points of view that inspire and re-contextualize your experience in meaningful ways that invite greater wholeness, acceptance, and appreciation.

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